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(1) A valve to regulate or direct the flow of water (2) A conduit for a similar purpose


(1) A condominium or apartment on the roof of a building, used as a residence (2) A small building on a roof, which houses …

Per Annum

Yearly, annually

Per Capita

Literally, by heads Commonly, as individuals In the right to receive a portion of the estate of a deceased person, one claiming a per …

Per Diem


Per Se

By itself; of itself; inherently

Per Stirpes

As a representative, and not as an individual In the laws of descent and distribution, one who takes because of the deceased ancestor For …

Percentage lease

A lease commonly used for retail property in which the rental is based on the tenant’s gross sales at the premises; often stipulates a …

Percentage Rent

See: Percentage Lease


A seldom used unit of measurement equal to 16 1/2 feet


The absorption of liquid into soil by seepage

Percolation (Perk) Test

The test to determine the capability of the soil to absorb liquid, both for construction and septic systems