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Acid Soil

A soil with an acid rather than an alkaline base This can determine its suitability for farming

Acid Test Ratio

A formula used by lending institutions to determine if a business can meet its current obligations The formula adds cash plus receivables plus marketable …


A written declaration by a person executing an instrument, given before an officer authorized to give an oath (usually a notary public), stating that …


A declaration made by a person to a notary public or other public official authorized to take acknowledgments that an instrument was executed by …

Acm’s (Asbestos Containing Materials)

(See which)

Acoustical Materials

Materials which absorb sound Usually installed in walls and ceilings and composed of fiberglass, cork, special plaster, or similar materials

Acoustical Tile

Tile which absorbs sound

Acquisition And Improvement Loan

A loan for the dual purpose of purchasing and improving or repairing property

Acquisition Appraisal

An appraisal to determine market value of a property to be taken by eminent domain, in order to justly compensate the owner

Acquisition Costs

Costs of acquiring property other than purchase price: escrow fees, title insurance, lenders fees, etc


A measure, usually of land, equal to 160 sq rods (43,560 sq ft) in any shape

Acre Foot

A volume of water, sand, coal, etc, equal to an area of one acre with a depth of one foot (43,560 cubic ft) If …