Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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Weighted Average

A method of determining an average by valuing each component based on its relative importance Example: In a mortgage pool a loan with a …


(1) A dam used to divert water to a pond, mill, or similar use (2) A device for measuring the flow of water past …

Weir Box

A box set in an irrigation ditch to measure to flow of water The box (usually of wood or concrete) is open at both …


A hole or shaft, which is sunk (usually by drilling) into the ground to obtain water, oil, natural gas, etc

Western Framing

A type of framing in which the studding for each floor rests on a separate sill rather than ground to roof as in balloon …

Wet Column

A column containing plumbing lines

Wet Plaster

Plaster mixed with water and spread wet over a lath The plaster dries hard to form the surface of a wall, ceiling, etc


Lands which, in their normal condition, have wet or spongy soil, such as a marsh or bog


A structure used for loading and unloading ships May be constructed, as a dock or pier, or simply a piece of ground prepared for …

What-If Analysis

An exploration of the possible future circumstances of a potential buyer or borrower For example: If you were off work for six months, would …

Widow’S Quarantine

Old English law Forty days during which a widow could stay in her husband’s house, rent free, after his death


A woman who is legally married to a living man