Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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Basis For Depreciation

The value of property for purposes of depreciation For example: A purchased asset The basis is cost, whether fully paid for or not The …

Basis Point

A finance term meaning a yield of 1/100th of 1%


A room containing a toilet, sink, and bathtub or bathtub-shower combination In appraisal for federally insured mortgages, a toilet and sink (no bathtub or …


A strip of insulation fitting closely between the studs of a wall


A narrow strip (usually of wood), used to cover seams between siding boards


The slope of a structure, such as a wall or bank; expressed in terms of the vertical rise per horizontal distance, such as 3 …

Batture Land

The land between a river bank and the water’s edge when the water level is lower than normal


(1919-1933) A school of design (most noted for its architecture) founded by Walter Gropius in Germany


(1) The opening between two columns, walls, etc, which forms a room-like space May be industrial space, parking space, barn space, or other use …

Bay Window

A window which projects in a curve out from a wall, giving a bay- like effect to the interior


That portion of the shore between ordinary low and high water marks Commonly used to describe any sandy area adjacent to a body of …


A vertical or horizontal member of a structure; may be of wood, steel, concrete, or other strong material, and, unless decorative only, is a …