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Accredited Land Consultant

A designation conferred by the REALTORS Land Institute See: REALTORS LAND INSTITUTE


An increase or addition to land by the deposit of sand or soil washed up naturally from a river, lake, or sea

Accrual Accounting

An accounting method under which income and expenses are charged to the periods for which they are applicable, rather than when payment is received …


To grow or mature

Accrued depreciation

The actual depreciation that has occurred to a property at any given date; the difference between the cost of replacement new (as of the …

Accrued Interest

Interest on a note, bond, etc which has been earned but not yet paid Since interest is usually paid in arrears, accrued interest does …

Accrued Items

Expenses owing but not yet payable An example is mortgage interest which is paid at the end of the month or property taxes which …

Accumulated Depreciation

See: Accrued Depreciation

Accumulated Interest

Unpaid interest which is past due See also: Accrued Interest

Acid Soil

A soil with an acid rather than an alkaline base This can determine its suitability for farming

Acid Test Ratio

A formula used by lending institutions to determine if a business can meet its current obligations The formula adds cash plus receivables plus marketable …


A written declaration by a person executing an instrument, given before an officer authorized to give an oath (usually a notary public), stating that …