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Water-Holding Capacity

The amount of water a given type and amount of soil will absorb and hold under normal conditions The capacity is expressed as a …


Property (improved or unimproved) fronting on a body of water More loosely, a neighborhood near a large body of water which has a commercial …


Capable of withstanding absorption of water; treating a material to give it this capability


An aqueduct


An area formed by natural barriers, such as a mountain range, which separate two river systems The term may be used to describe the …


A unit of electrical power equal to the flow of one ampere caused by the pressure of one volt


The basis used to determine electric bills Example: A 100 watt light bulb means if the bulb burns for one hour, it will use …


See: Women’s Council Of Realtors

Wear And Tear

The deterioration or loss in value caused by the normal and reasonable use of the property In leases, the tenant is not usually responsible …


(1) Commonly, the deterioration of the exterior of a structure caused by exposure to weather (2) A step in the refining of gasoline


Strips of felt, metal, etc, installed between a door or window and its casing, to keep out wind, moisture, dust, or other elements of …

Weep Holes

Small holes in a retaining wall or other wall where it may be necessary to drain off excess water to avoid pressure build-up