Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

Pass the real exam by knowing all of the vital real estate vocabulary terms that are crucial to passing the real estate licensing examination. Study all of the important real estate glossary terms and definitions, and pass with confidence!

On-Site Improvements

Structures erected permanently for use on a site, such as buildings, fences, etc

On-Site Manager

A property manager who lives on the property being managed The law in most areas requires an on-site manager for apartments over a specified …

On-Site Office

A real estate branch office specifically for a particular development, and located at said development May be a sales or leasing office

One Hour Door

A fire resistant door; one which will hold back a fire for a minimum of one hour

One Hour Wall

A fire resistant wall; one which will hold back a fire for a minimum of one hour

One hundred percent commission plan

A salesperson compensation plan by which the salesperson pays his or her broker a monthly service charge to cover the costs of office expenses …

One-Hundred Percent Location

The best location in the area The term is most commonly used to describe a location in a city ideal for retail sales

One, Two, Three Financing

A method of “creative” financing by which the buyer (1) assumes an existing loan, (2) secures a second loan from a third party lender, …

Open and Notorious

When possession or useof land is obvious and unconcealed; one ofthe conditions necessary for easement byprescription

Open And Notorious Possession

(See: Notorious Possession)

Open Beam Construction

A design using heavy roof beams as interior finish, exposed to give a roomy, heavy, rugged appearance to a room

Open House

A house which is open without an appointment to prospective buyers (or tenants) for inspection, during certain hours and days of the week