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A picture or single view of inland scenery In real estate terms, the surroundings of a structure which provide the setting for that structure …

Landscape Architect

One who, as a profession, plans and designs landscaping Colleges now offer a degree as a landscape architect

Landscape Architecture

The designing and planning of landscaping by a landscape architect


The act of modifying a landscape, or features used in such modifications, such as trees, lawns, grade changes, etc

Lap Joint

The connection (joint) formed by overlapping two ends or edges and attaching them together

Lap Siding

A siding applied in a similar manner to clapboard siding, but utilizing longer boards, usually of better quality

Larger Parcel

A term used in eminent domain proceedings, signifying that the parcel taken is not a complete parcel but part of a “larger parcel”; the …

Late Charge

A penalty for failure to pay an installment payment on time Usually not allowed as interest for tax deductions May or may not be …

Latent Defect

A hidden or concealed defect One which could not be discovered by inspection, using reasonable care In legal descriptions, a latent defect may be …


Proceeding from, situated at, directed to, or pertaining to a side A line branching from a main line (such as a sewer line) is …

Lateral Support

The right of a landowner to the natural support of his land by adjoining land The adjoining owner has the duty not to change …


The support upon which wet plaster is spread May be metal (usually a course wire screen) or a solid, cement-like substance (called rock lath)