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Waste, Act of

Destruction, damage, or materialalteration of property by someone in possessionwho holds less than a fee estate (such as a lifetenant or lessee)


Land that is not economically feasible for development The land may have great environmental value, such as swampland that supports wildlife


A line carrying waste from any kitchen or bathroom fixture except a toilet

Wasting Assets

Assets which, by use or lapse of time, are consumed or reduced in book value, irrespective of market fluctuation Includes oil, minerals, patent rights, …

Wasting Property

See: Wasting Assets

Water Level

The surface height of a body of water as measured by a point on the shore See also: Water Mark

Water Mark

A mark on the shore indicating the highest point to which a body of water will normally rise (high-water mark) and also the lowest …

Water Power

The power created by the fall of a stream across one’s land, the riparian owner being entitled to its utilization

Water Repellant

A chemical compound, in liquid form, which penetrates wood or other materials and prevents absorption of moisture or water into said materials

Water Rights

Any right to the use and/or control of water, whether for irrigation, hydro electric power, personal use, etc (See: Riparian Rights)

Water Table

(1) The depth, measured from the surface, at which natural underground waters are found (2) A ledge to aid the run-off of rainwater, built …


A sea wall to restrain water from overflowing