Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

Pass the real exam by knowing all of the vital real estate vocabulary terms that are crucial to passing the real estate licensing examination. Study all of the important real estate glossary terms and definitions, and pass with confidence!

Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity(FHEO)

A division of HUD, which is responsiblefor the administration and enforcement offederal laws

Office Of Thrift Supervision

A federal bureau formed in 1989 as a branch of the Treasury Department as part of a major reorganization of the thrift (savings and …

Officer’s deed

A deed by sheriffs, trustees, guardians, etc

Official Map

A final and conclusive map withrespect to the location and width of amunicipality’s streets, highways, drainagesystems, and parks


(1) A ledge across a wall (usually brick or masonry) formed by reducing the thickness of the wall above the ledge (2) To balance, …

Offset Statement

(1) A statement given to a buyer of rental property by a tenant, setting forth the amount of rent and terms of the rental …


An electrical measure of resistance of the dissipating of one watt when one ampere passes through it

Oil And Gas Lease

A lease giving the lessee the right to extract oil and gas from land More like a mining lease than a land lease, in …

Omnibus Clause

Clause in a will or decree of distribution passing all property not specifically mentioned

On Center

A construction term referring to a measurement of distance from the center of one structural member to another, such as a stud, joist, etc …

On Rail

Refers to property (usually industrial) which is served by a railroad

On-Site Costs

The cost of on-site improvements