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Land Warrant

See: Warrant


Being short of money because of owning an excess of property which does not produce income

Land-Service Road

An access road between parcels of land and another public road or highway

Land, Tenements, And Hereditaments

Originally used to describe freehold estates only, it has come to mean the most technical and all-inclusive description of real estate


(1) A place for loading and unloading people or cargo from a boat, train, etc (2) A flat surface adjoining a staircase at the …

Landlocked Parcel

A parcel of land surrounded entirely by privately owned land, with no access to a public right of way (road) Condemnation for a limited …

Landlocked Property

1 Land without access to a road or highway 2 Land not beside water


An owner of leased real estate

Landlord’S Warrant

A warrant enabling a landlord to levy upon a tenant’s personal property (furniture, etc) and to sell this property at a public sale to …


Originally, a monument on a boundary line Modernly, boundary lines are usually established by walls or fences, and these are the landmarks

Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)

The New York City agency responsible for identifying and designating the city’s landmarks

Landowner’S Royalty

In oil and gas leases, the portion of the value of each barrel of oil which goes to the property owner