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The official and authentic decision of a court on the respective rights and claims of the parties to an action or suit When a …

Judgment (Judgement)

The decision of a court of law Money judgments, when recorded, become a lien on real property of the defendant

Judgment clause

A provision that may be included in notes, leases, and contracts by which the debtor, lessee, or obligor authorizes any attorney to go into …

Judgment Creditor

A person who is owed money as a result of a being awarded a judgment in a lawsuit

Judgment Debtor

A person who owes money as a result of a judgment in a lawsuit

Judgment Lien

A lien against the property of a judgment debtor An involuntary lien

Judgment Proof

One against whom a judgment creditor cannot collect (no assets) If one can show he was defrauded by a “judgment proof” real estate licensee, …

Judicial Foreclosure

Foreclosure through court action rather than by a power of sale Judicial foreclosure is sometimes necessary to remove certain tax liens

Judicial Opinion

A court’s written statement outlining the facts of a particular case and explaining the legal basis for the decision

Judicial Partition

court action to divide real property among its co-owners so each owns part in severalty, or (if it is not practical to physically divide …

Judicial Review

When a court considers whether a statute or regulation is constitutional

Judicial Sale

A sale made under court order, by one court appointed, rather than a voluntary sale by the owner, or one appointed by the owner