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See: Growing Equity Mortgage

General Accredited Appraiser

A designation awarded by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS to a member who is a state certified General Appraiser and has the required additional …

General Agent

A person authorized to handle a principal’s affairs in one area or in specified areas

General Benefits

In condemnation, benefits accruing to property not taken, but which benefits are caused by the taking

General contractor

A construction specialist who enters into a formal construction contract with a landowner or master lessee to construct a real estate building or project …

General Index (G.I.)

A title insurance company term for the books used to find liens against individuals which may effect real property, but which are not recorded …

General lien

A lien on all real and personal property owned by a debtor

General Mortgage

See: Blanket Mortgage

General Overhead Costs

See: Indirect Construction Cost

General Partner

A member of a partnership who has authority to bind the partnership and shares in the profits and losses A partnership must have at …

General Partnership

A partnership made up of general partners, without special (limited) partners See also: Limited Partnership; Partnership

General Plan

See: Master Play