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Fannie Mae



(1) A large parcel of land devoted to raising crops (2) Land used for producing dairy products (dairy farm) or raising certain fish or …

Farmer Home Administration (FMHA)

The federal agency which makes, participates in, and insures loans for rural housing and farms


A flat, long finishing band or board, used at the outer edge of a cornice, or to conceal rafter ends

Fast Food Restaurant

A limited menu restaurant, offering quick service, low prices, and usually over-the-counter service rather than table service


A measure of depths used at sea, being six feet


See: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Feasibility Survey

A study of an area before construction of a project, to determine the probable financial success of the project

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The federal corporation which insures against loss of deposits in banks and, since 1989, in savings associations

Federal Discount Rate

The interest rate charged to member banks borrowing from the federal reserve bank(s)

Federal Fair Housing Law

Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act which forbids discrimination in the sale or rental of residential property because of race, color, sex, religion …

Federal Funds Rate

The Federal Reserve’s target for short-term interest rates