Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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A method for appraising a site (land) by estimating the depreciated value of the improvements and deducting that amount from the total value (improved …


To touch, border on, or be contiguous to


The vertical members (walls or heavy columns) which bear the load or pressure of the cross member, such as an arch, pier, or similar …


The joining, reaching, or touching of adjoining land Abutting parcels of land have a common boundary

Abutting Owner

One whose land is contiguous to (abuts) a public right of way

Abutting Property

Directly contiguous properties, sharing at least one common boundary

Accelerated Cost Recovery System (Acrs)

A portion of the Economic Recovery Act of 1981 which allowed shorter depreciation of both real and personal property, did not distinguish between new …

Accelerated depreciation

A method of calculating for tax purposes the depreciation of income property at a faster rate than would be achieved using the straight-line method …


The immediate right to possession of a remainder interest upon the failure of a life estate

Acceleration clause

A provision in a written mortgage, note, bond, or conditional sales contract that in the event of default, the whole amount of the principal …


Voluntary agreement to an offer (1) Real property acceptance must be unequivocal See: Mirror Image Rule (2) Acceptance for goods, according to the Uniform …

Access Right

A right to ingress and egress to and from one’s property May be express or implied