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See: Bearing Wall

Wall-Bearing Construction

Weight of roofs and floors supported entirely by the exterior walls, with no load-bearing partitions Posts and pillars are used at points where the …


A sheet, usually 4′ X 8′, of gypsum or similar material, which is attached to the studs (frame) of a wall and forms a …


A structure used for the storage of goods, either for short or long periods of time


One who, for compensation, stores the goods of others


The depositing of loans by a lender such as a mortgage company, in a bank, for sale at a later date The mortgage company …

Warehousing Spread

The interest rate difference between the loan from the warehouse lender and the mortgages used as collateral security for the loan

Warm Air Heating System

Also called hot air heating system A heating system whereby air is heated in a furnace and moves through ducts to the areas to …


To legally assure that title conveyed is good and possession will be undisturbed


A legal, binding, promise, given at the time of a sale, whereby the seller gives the buyer certain assurances as to the condition of …

Warranty Deed

A deed used in many states to convey fee title to real property Until the widespread use of title insurance, the warranties by the …


(1) A destruction of property by one who holds possession rightfully, but either is not the owner or does not own the property free …