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Underlying Financing

A mortgage, trust deed, or land contract prior to (underlying) another mortgage, trust deed, or land contract which is all inclusive or wraps around …


A passageway under a road, railway, or other right of way May be for pedestrian traffic, automobiles, or any other method of transportation


(1) Temporary load-bearing beams used during construction (2) Permanent load-bearing supports, added to an existing structure


One who insures another A small title company may buy insurance from a larger one (the underwriter) for all or part of the liability …


The process of analyzing both the worthiness of a potential borrower and the property involved to enable a lender to decide whether to make …

Undeveloped Land

See: Raw Land

Undisclosed Dual Agency

Occurs when bothprincipal parties in the same transactionare represented by a fiduciary without fulldisclosure to and approval from all parties in thetransaction

Undisclosed Principal

A principal whose identity is not revealed by an agent

Undivided Interest

A partial interest by two or more people in the same property, whether the interest of each is equal or unequal

Undivided Loyalty

This is given up by the buyerand seller when they consent to dual agency

Undue Influence

Influence used to destroy the will of another so that his decision is not his free act

Undulating Land

Rolling land composed of compound slopes (two or more slopes of different grades)