Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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Par Value

(1) Concerning stock The face value of a share of stock (2) With reference to mortgages or trust deeds, the value of the mortgage …


A short wall along the edge of a platform, such as a roof, terrace, etc, to protect the edge and divert rainwater


A general term meaning any part or portion of land

Parcel 2 Easement

A colloquial term used to describe an appurtenant easement of the dominant tenement, because the easement is described in the legal description Usually, the …

Parcel Map

A map allowed in some states as a substitute for a subdivision map for 1 to 4 parcels (lots) with no common area The …


Coating cement on a masonry wall, usually for water proofing


A political division in Louisiana, comparable to a county


The acquisition of property by an exchange accommodation titleholder (EAT) to meet the requirements of a reverse exchange or build to suit exchange under …

Parking Ratio

The ratio of parking spaces to building (usually rentable) area Examples: Office use, 4 parking spaces per 1000 square feet; apartment use, 2 parking …


(1) A highway through a park, usually restricting vehicles over a certain weight (2) A freeway or expressway


Verbal Usually refers to evidence in a court of law The “Parol Evidence Rule” governs when such evidence is admissible

Parol Evidence

Evidence concerning negotiationsor oral agreements not included in a writtencontract that alter or contradict the terms of thewritten contract