Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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Gap Financing

(1) Interim financing (2) A loan between the floor amount and full amount of a take out loan See: Gap Commitment


A place to keep or repair motor vehicles; either a building adjacent or attached to a residence, or as a commercial enterprise

Garbage Disposal

A small tank with metal grinders, which is usually installed under the drain in a kitchen sink The grinders pulverize discarded food into particles …


A small parcel of land used for growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers, which are usually not sold, but used by the grower

Garden Apartments

An apartment development consisting of two or more structures, surrounded by an abundance of lawns, plants, flowers, etc, giving a garden-like atmosphere

Garn-St. German Act Of 1982

An act which, among other things, provides that a lender may not enforce a due-on-sale clause when the property passes by will to a …


To bring garnishment proceedings


The person against whom a garnishment is issued The party holding funds of the debtor and not the debtor


A legal proceeding under which a person’s money in control of another (such as salary) is taken for payment of a debt The amount …


See: Attic

Gas Station

See: Service Station


An open structure, usually in the garden of a “summer house” where one may sit and enjoy the view Also called a belvedere