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Fair Housing Act

Common name for Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968

Fair Housing Act of 1968

The term for Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 as amended, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national …

Fair Market Value

Price that probably would be negotiated between a willing seller and willing buyer in a reasonable time Usually arrived at by comparable sales in …

Fair Rental

See: Economic Rent

Fair Value

The setting of a reasonable value by a court or board, for the establishment of public utility rates


(1) The deepest part of a river or bay, through which boats travel (2) A passageway kept open in a harbor or bay for …


(1) Land tilled and prepared for planting, but not planted A method of soil conservation (2) Land left idle which would ordinarily be planted

False Advertising

In most instances when in connection with real estate, newspaper classified advertising which misrepresents the property, price or terms A broker may have his …

Familial Status

A protected group under the federal Fair Housing Act and New York State law, making it illegal to discriminate against a person because she …


An individual, or two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption living together in one dwelling; or a group of up to …

Family Room

A room used informally for recreation, usually built off the kitchen

Fan Window

See: Circlehead Window