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(1) A balustrade, railed, elevated platform projecting from the face of a building (2) An upper floor seating area in a theater


(1) The final payment of a balloon note (see which) (2) A landlocked parcel of land

Balloon Construction

Type of framing with long studs going up the entire length of the house, from the foundation to the roof No longer permitted as …

Balloon Frame Construction

A term describing the framing used in a two story wood construction where the studs extend from the sill (ground level) to the ceiling …

Balloon Mortgage

A mortgage that has a final payment larger than the other payments For example, a thirty year loan due in five years would have …

Balloon Note

A note calling for periodic payments which are insufficient to fully amortize the face amount of the note prior to maturity, so that a …

Balloon payment

The final payment of a mortgage loan that is considerably larger than the required periodic payments, because the loan amount was not fully amortized

Baltimore Rule

An appraisal method for setting a value on a corner lot The lot is appraised as an inside lot for its front footage on …


The supporting posts of a handrail in a staircase


A row of balusters supporting a handrail


(1) The elevated land on each side of a river or stream which keeps the water in its natural channel (2) See: Commercial Bank


One who is adjudicated a bankrupt by a court having proper jurisdiction The bankruptcy may be voluntary (petitioned by the bankrupt) or involuntary (petitioned …