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A reduction or decrease Commonly used to describe a decrease of assessed valuation of property for ad valorem taxes When used regarding wills, it …

Abc Soil

Soil having distinct A (upper), B (middle), and C (lower) horizons (layers of soil)


The horizontal axis of a curve; the vertical axis being the ordinate The terms are used in connection with charts and graphs

Absentee Landlord

A lessor of real property (usually the owner) that does not occupy all or a portion of the property

Absentee Owner

An owner of property who does not occupy said property


The filling of space, such as the rental of units or sale of a tract The time or rate must be estimated and considered …


A summary; an abridgement Before the use of photostatic copying, public records were kept by abstracts of recorded documents

Abstract Continuation

See: Supplemental Abstract

Abstract Extension

See: Supplemental Abstract

Abstract Of Judgement

A summary of the essential provisions of a court judgement, which when recorded in the county recorder’s office, creates a lien upon the property …

Abstract of title

A condensed version of the history of a title to a particular parcel of real estate as recorded in the county clerk’s records; consists …

Abstracter’S Certificate

A certificate contained in an abstract which shows the time period and scope of the search of public records done by the abstracter