Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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A general term encompassing all pay given a hired person for his or her services, whether paid as a salary, commission, fee, etc


See: Wainscoting


The covering of an interior wall with wood (usually panels), tiles, etc, from the floor to a point about half way to the ceiling: …


To knowingly abandon, relinquish, or surrender a right, benefit, or claim


The relinquishment of a right In construction, most commonly the waiver by subcontractor of their mechanic’s lien rights in order for the owner to …

Walk-Through Inspection

An inspection of property by a buyer very close to the time for closing to determine that the condition of the property has not …


A building without an elevator of more than one story


A vertical structure erected to divide, enclose, support, or secure an enclosure, such as a room or buildingSee also: Party Wall

Wall Furnace

A small furnace, usually electric, fitting between the studs of a wall, and heating without ducts by using a small fan for circulation More …

Wall Panel

An exterior wall which bears no load; the load is carried by girders or beams of the framing skeleton Used primarily in high- rise …

Wall Plates

(1) The horizontal members at the top and bottom of a wall, to which the studs are attached (2) In a mine, a heavy, …

Wall Tile

Tile placed on a wall as a finish material, usually in bathrooms and kitchens of homes, but sometimes throughout, as in mobile homes and …