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See: Uniform Commercial Code

Ultra Vires

Originally acts of a corporation beyond or against its charter Now includes illegal acts An officer of a corporation may be personally liable for …

Umbrella Liability Policy

Provides broad coveragefor an insured’s liability over and above liabilitycovered by underlying contracts

Unavoidable Cause

A cause which reasonable prudence and care could not have prevented, such as death, illness, papers lost in the mail, etc

Unbalanced Improvement

An appraisal term describing an improvement not in conformity with the surrounding area, and so, not suited to its location May be an underimprovement …

Unconscionable Contract

So unfair that a court will not allow it So one sided that no one in his right mind would agree on one side, …


Violating a provision of the USConstitution or a state constitution


A sub-lease for either less than the remaining term on the master lease or less than the total property covered by the master lease


A “prime” or first coat before the finish or “top coat” of paint or other finish

Underfloor Wiring System

A system of electrical wiring built into the floor of a building through conduits, ducts, and raceways

Underground Storage Tanks

Holding tanks thatcan used to store chemicals, fuels, toxic wastesand other substances Regulated by the EPA


An improvement which is deficient in size or quality in relation to the site on which it is built