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See: Treasury Bills


(1) Annexing a lien to one superior to it in order to gain the priority of the superior lien and defeat an intermediate lien …

TAH (Targeted Affordable Housing)

See: Multifamily Affordable Housing

Take Out Commitment

Agreement by a lender to place a long term (take out) loan on real property after completion of construction

Take Out Loan

The “permanent” (long term) financing of real estate after completion of construction

Takeout Loan

A loan that is used to pay offa construction loan when construction iscomplete


As a legal term, it is used to describe acquisition such as taking by will; it is most commonly used as a real estate …


Rocks at the foot of a hill or other slope, which accumulate by sliding or rolling down the slope from the action of wind, …

Tandem Plan

A method of keeping home financing active by the purchase of mortgages by GNMA (Government National Mortgage Association) at face value (par), for resale …

Tangible Property

See: Corporeal Property

Tangible Value

Value in appraisal of the physical value (land, buildings, etc), as opposed to the value of an intangible, such as a favorable lease

Targeted Affordable Housing

See: Multifamily Affordable Housing