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A way to measure the insulating value orresistance to heat flow through a material or anobject The more effective the insulation, thehigher the R-Value …


Insulation’s R-Factor multiplied by theamount of material See: R-Factor

R.E.I.T.(Real Estate Investment Trusts)

A method of investing in real estate in a group, with certain tax advantages Federal and state statutes dictate procedure


See: Real Estate Owned


See: Residential Accredited Appraiser


A method of joining or fitting together wood by cutting a deep groove in one piece to allow the other to be fitted against …


A pipe carrying electrical wiring, having outlets at close intervals

Radiant Heating

A heating system using electrical coils, or pipes in the ceilings, walls, or floors, which heat with steam, hot water, or hot air


An old fashioned, cast iron, ribbed heating fixture using hot water Most modern systems use air for heating, because water or steam systems are …


A gas in soil that can enter a structure and cause health problems for the occupants Since radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless, a …


Sloped support beams that follow the pitchof the roof and serve to hold the outer roofcovering See: Joist and Rafters


Load-bearing timbers of a roof Flat roof rafters are usually called joists