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See: Quadrant


In the Government Survey method of describing real property, a square area of land 24 miles square (24 miles on each side or 576 …


(1) A quarter section of a circle (2) One of the quarters created by two intersecting roads or streets

Qualified Fee

When a grantor puts a conditionor requirement in the deed and limits the titleto real property Also called: Conditional Fee,Determinable, Fee Simple Defeasible, orDefeasible …

Qualified Fee Estate

An ownership interest in real property that is not absolute See: Defeasible Title; Fee Tail

Qualified Intermediary

The party that facilitates the exchange of property to meet the requirements of IRS Code Section 1031 To be “qualified” the party must not …


The act of determining a prospect’s motivation, then matching his or her needs with the available inventory

Qualifying Ratios

See: Debt Ratio

Quantity Survey Method

Also called “price take-off” method A process of arriving at an estimate of new construction costs by a detailed estimate of quantities of necessary …


See: Quarter Section

Quarter Round

A molding which, in cross-section, resembles a quarter circle

Quarter Section

One quarter of a section A quarter section (commonly called a quarter) contains 160 acres