Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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Package mortgage

A method of financing in which the purchase of the land also finances the purchase of certain personal property items

Package Policy

Two or more lines of coveragecombined into one insurance policy AHomeowners policy is a true package policybecause it combines property insurance withliability insurance

Package Trust Deed

See: Package Mortgage


The foundation of slab construction Specifically used to describe where a mobile home is placed or a condominium is built, but can be generally …

Paired Data Analysis

See: Paired Sale

Paired Sale

An appraisal procedure comparing only 2 properties, usually with only one major difference


The glass portion of a door or window


(1) A section, raised, lowered, or level, of a wall, ceiling, fence, etc, self contained, and usually in a border or frame (2) Sheets …

Panel Heating

Space heating by electric coils, hot air, hot water, or steam pipes, which are built into walls, ceilings, or floor panels Also called radiant …

Panel Wall

See: Curtain Wall


A mortgage, deed of trust, or land contract, which is given instead of cash A seller would take back “paper” if he or she …


(1) Average, equal, normal, etc (2) Face value, as in negotiable instruments