Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

Pass the real exam by knowing all of the vital real estate vocabulary terms that are crucial to passing the real estate licensing examination. Study all of the important real estate glossary terms and definitions, and pass with confidence!


A small mound or hill composed of stratified glacial deposits

Keene’S Cement

An unusually tough and durable gypsum plaster to which alum has been added Used primarily for walls of commercial buildings


A term seldom used in the United States A custodian of a building or grounds


The shore between the high and low water marks

Keogh Plan

A retirement plan whereby a self-employed person may set aside a certain portion of income (tax deferred) into a retirement account The money is …


(1) A notch or slit made by a saw (2) The width of the cut of a saw blade

Key Lot

(1) A strategically located lot, adding to its value (2) A lot adjoining a corner lot at its rear property line with frontage on …

Key Tenant

See: Prime Tenant

Keyman Insurance

Insurance through loss (through death or disability) of a “key” (important) person in a company The liability is the estimated cost of the loss …


The piece, usually wedge shaped, at the top of an arch

Kick Plate

A metal or plastic strip, placed at the lower edge of a door or on a riser of a step to protect it from …


A term generally used to describe an illegal rebate See: Rebate