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An iron or steel structural framing member, in cross-section forming the letter I


See: I-Beam

Idem Sonans

Sounding the same Legally, names improperly spelled need not void an instrument, provided the written name sounds the same as the correctly spelled name, …

Identifiable Grantee

The person, to whom real property interest is to be conveyed, identified in such a way so as to reasonably separate that person from …

Igenous Rock

Rock produced by the cooling of magma within the earth (plutonic rock) or on the surface (volcanic rock)


Assets that cannot easily be converted to cash


The deposit of soil material by elevation

Immediate Delivery Program

Program giving sellers up to 60 days to deliver mortgages Freddie Mac has agreed to buy on the secondary market


Physical characteristic of real estate referring to the fact that it cannot move from one place to another


Used frequently in definitions of real estate, things which cannot be moved, such as land, buildings, etc

Impact Fees

Fees charged for improvements that impact public facilities such as sewers Building a new house or even adding a bathroom could result in impact …

Imperial Gallon

A measure of 277 cubic inches, as opposed to the 231 cubic inch standard gallon