Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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G.I. Loan

See: Veteran’s Administration (VA) Loan


See: General Accredited Appraiser


See: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles


Rent A seldom used term


The exterior wall surface, triangular in shape, formed by the inclined edges of a ridged roof (gable roof)

Gable Roof

A ridged roof, having two sloping edges which, at the ends of the ridge, form a gable


Profit Important for tax purposes when realized from the sale of a capital asset See also: Capital Gain


(1) A covered walkway, open on one side, running along an upper story of a building, either inside or outside (2) The highest theater …


A liquid measure of 231 cubic inches or 4 quarts See also: Imperial Gallon

Gambrel Roof

A ridged roof, each side having two slopes, the lower of which is more inclined


A defect in the chain of title of a particular parcel of real estate; a missing document or conveyance that raises doubt as to …

Gap Commitment

A commitment to loan the difference between the floor amount of a take out loan and the full amount The commitment is issued to …