Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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F.H.A. (Federal Housing Administration)

A federal agency which insures first mortgages, enabling lenders to loan a very high percentage of the sale price


The main face or front elevation of a building


(1) The front or facade of a structure See also: Facade (2) The positioning of a structure, [as to front (face) the ocean] (3) …

Face Brick

A treated brick, usually glossy and of even quality, made for use as an exterior finish

Face Value

The value of notes, mortgages, etc, as stated on the face of the instrument, and not considering any discounting

Faced Wall

A masonry wall, using different materials as a facing and backing, but with facing and backing bonded as one unit for load-bearing


See: Qualified Intermediary


(1) One who buys or sells goods in his own name, but acting as an agent for another (2) One who buys accounts receivable …


Purchasing accounts receivable from a business at a discount

Failure of Purpose

When the intended purpose of an agreement or arrangement can no longer be achieved, and in most cases, releases the parties from their obligations

Fair Cash Value

See: Market Value

Fair Credit Reporting Act

A federal law giving one the right to see his or her credit report so that errors may be corrected A lender refusing credit …