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E & O Insurance

See: Errors And Omission Insurance


See: Environmental Assessment

Earnest Money

See: Deposit (1)

Earnest money deposit

An amount of money deposited by a buyer under the terms of a contract In the event that the buyer, for no valid or …


Money received for labor or personal services rather than a return on capital, although corporate income from all sources is described as “earnings”


A right to use the land of another for a specific purpose, such as for a right-of-way or utilities; an incorporeal interest in land …

Easement Appurtenant

An easement for the benefit or another parcel of land, such as the right to cross parcel A to reach parcel B The easement …

Easement by Condemnation

1 Taking private property for public use through the government’s power of eminent domain 2 A declaration that a structure is unfit for occupancy …

Easement by Express Reservation

An easement created in a deed when a landowner divides property, transferring the servient tenement, but retaining the dominant tenement

Easement by Grant

An easement granted to another in a deed or other document

Easement by Implication

An easement created by operation of law (not express grant or reservation) when land is divided, if there is a longstanding, apparent use that …

Easement by necessity

An easement allowed by law as necessary for the full enjoyment of a parcel of real estate