Free Real Estate Vocabulary Flashcards

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B Horizon

The horizon (layer of soil) beneath the top layer The composition of the B horizon is changed by the action of percolating water


See: British Thermal Unit

Back Points

Points paid to a mortgage broker by a lender which exceed the points paid by the borrower

Back Title Letter

In states where attorneys examine title for title insurance purposes, this letter is given by a title insurance company to an attorney, giving to …


To replace ground removed by excavation for construction Used to brace a structure (especially a foundation or footings)

Backup Offer

A secondary offer to buy property, used in case the first (primary) offer fails A backup offer is especially useful when the primary offer …


Water in a stream or river which, because of a dam or other obstruction, is stopped in its course or flows back toward its …

Backwater Valve

A valve set in a lateral sewer line which automatically prevents sewage from flowing back to its source (a building)


An appraisal term meaning that value of real property is best sustained when opposite influences (eg supply and demand) are equal

Balance Due Date

See: Installment Note, Balance Due Date

Balance Sheet

A statement of the assets and liabilities of a company to determine its net worth (equity)

Balanced Exchange

A tax free exchange of properties under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue code To be tax free the taxpayer must invest all of …